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MappleSkis creates the ultimate water ski and boot setup experience. The Mapple Performance Center is not limited to MappleSkis, it is a tool to help all waterskiers grow and improve. With our world-class service in all areas, experience an unparalleled and unforgettable water ski setup experience. For over 30 years, Andy Mapple has tweaked, experimented and tested hundreds of skis, bindings, fins, flex patterns, rockers, you name it! With a wide background of being involved in ALL speed control systems that have come to the sport, testing and development for over 30 years in ski boat design and testing with Nautique, this all factor into the knowledge that can now be passed along to you. Experience a pro level setup for yourself! At Mapple Performance and Fit Center (MPC), you will experience the same analysis we use for our pro team. Combining precision measuring techniques and breakdown video analysis, which you get to keep, goes towards the ultimate fit experience. MappleSkis fit system allows for skiers to test out the different shape skis, flex, rocker and sizes, as well as boot combinations with the correct fit and angles. Our team can change setups and configurations to give the best feel and performance that works for you and help you understand more about your own skiing. Test combinations like the pros. You don’t have to have a pro’s knowledge or ability to experience the right setup. Our team will put you on different combinations to help you feel what different ski setups do on the water. This is where you learn more about your skiing and setup, which all goes to a complete fit experience. Through video analysis, we will be able to show you what is happening when you ski, and combine this with what you feel on the water, you will get the ultimate setup and fit.

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