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136 Shorewood Drive
United States

713 907 3881

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We are a wakeboarding camp located on the Trinity River just north of Lake Livingston. We are the only wakeboarding camp in Texas to target the beginner level but we also train the more advanced camper that wants to and is capable of learning spins and inverts. Campers ages 9 through 17 will experience wakeboarding both behind a boat and using a single cable system. Camp Wake is dedicated to teaching our campers how to have fun and be safe in the water while wakeboarding and boating. We wish to give the beginner wakeboarder a firm foundation in the fundamentals of wakeboarding, water safety and boating safety while encouraging teamwork and self esteem. Camp Wake is all about wakeboarding and teaching the beginner the necessary basics to make his or her experience a great one. We invite you and your children to explore the sport of wakeboarding at Camp Wake!

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Liquid Force
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Trinity River
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