WakeScout Advertising and Promotion Opportunities

WakeScout delivers two highly-targeted water sport markets for advertisers

First, we deliver an extremely focused audience passionate about wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakesurfing, SUP…whatever water sport it is that drives them.

Whether your company markets wakeboards, ski and wake boats, swimwear, waterskis, stand up paddleboards or sunglasses, our audience has a strong interest in the products you offer.

We provide an opportunity to reach everyone that shares a passion for any water sport, throughout the world. All water sport disciplines are represented on WakeScout. At the same time, all ages and abilities are targeted: young and old, beginner to pro- whether they get on the water a few days a week or a few days each season- the common bond every WakeScout user shares is a passion for getting on the water.

Second, our database of over 2,000 water sport entities all have one thing in common- a need for ski and wakeboard boats, wakeboards, stand up paddleboards, waterskis, wetsuits, ropes, handles…everything required to meet the needs of the water sport community.

Impactful Advertising Packages

We have a wide variety of advertising packages available that deliver effective targeted campaigns on both mobile and desktop.

Custom Social Media Campaigns

We also provide an opportunity to build incremental audience and conversion through custom social media campaigns. Our social marketing specialists will work closely with your organization to create a social advertising campaign that allows your company to reach specific segments of the water sport market and achieve campaign goals.

WakeScout Newsletter

Finally, the WakeScout newsletter provides another effective medium for any organization in the water sport industry interested in reaching our highly engaged and active segment of the market.

Take advantage of WakeScout advertising and promotion opportunities!

To receive a Media Kit, please e-mail us at: advertise@wakescout.com or call us at (949) 433-5124.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with WakeScout!