Repúbllica Lago

Repúbllica Lago

  • Cable Wake Parks
  • Water Sport Schools


RepLago - Estr. Mun. Pref. Dr. Sebastião Jair Mourão
Leme - State of São Paulo
Sâo Paulo

+55 11 3818-6600

Water Sports

  • Wakeboard
  • Kneeboard
  • SUP
  • Tubing


Republlica Lago is located in Leme, São Paulo, Brazil. We host camps and events for children ages 6-16. We have a multisport gym, soccer field, swimming pool and a beautiful lake in the center of the camp. Guests stay in chalets with a balcony and spacious bathrooms equipped with gas or solar heating. Some of the water sports consist of a cable park, banana boat, water trampoline, stand up paddle (SUP), kayak, aqua bike, delta buoy, and inflatable trampoline.

Additional details

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Many adventure activities such as canopy rope climbing, zipline, climbing wall, barroso trail, slack line, biking, sports and games and workshops.

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