Triple J Ski Ranch

Triple J Ski Ranch

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Triple J Ski Ranch
Malloy Bridge Road

(214) 507-5072

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Since 2002, Triple J Ski Ranch has offered an exclusive skiing facility to Dallas-based water skiers. As a family-owned and operated business, Triple J is dedicated to providing the best equipment and service to our members. No matter your experience or interests, Triple J has what you want. For the competitive skier, you can’t do much better:

• Tournament-caliber Nautique club boat

• Zero Off speed control technology

• Regular USA Water Ski sanctioned tournaments

• Professionally surveyed slalom course

• Custom-built lake designed to minimize wind

If you’re family-oriented, you can’t do better. With dock space, swimming area, sandbox, and a large awning, kids can spend countless hours while you enjoy the water. If you’re trying to get your kids skiing, or to improve their skiing, there’s no better atmosphere. Some of our most competitive skiers have their families out all the time. There’s nothing better than a dock full of members, their families, and their pets enjoying the lake on a Saturday afternoon.

Located 20 minutes from downtown Dallas, Triple J is perfectly situated for you to make it down for an early-morning, lunchtime, or after-work set.

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Tournament-caliber Nautique club boat with zero Off speed control technology
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