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The Utah Water Ski Club is a USA Water Ski affiliated club that was established in 1976. The clubs interest is in promoting the sport of water skiing in Utah, particularly slalom skiing.

One of the major goals of the club is to ensure that all club members have a great skiing experience by placing and maintaining quality slalom courses and docks on Utah Lake. The club currently consists of about 60 members with permits from the state to maintain two slalom courses and two docks on Utah Lake.

The Utah Water Ski Club no longer has a wait list to join, anyone that wants to join can right now! To join the club right now go to https://utahwaterski.blogspot.com/p/members.html for all of the information. The main benefit of being a Utah Water Ski Club member is you have first rights to use the slalom course. Members also get free entrance into the Boat show every year. Wait list members can use the slalom course at their own risk when members are done skiing. The wait list is still used for those that want to eventually join the club or for those that want the discount benefit of being on the wait list but don't want first rights to use the course.

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