Al Forsan International Sports Resort

Al Forsan International Sports Resort

  • Cable Wake Parks


Al Forsan Sports Club / Khalifa City
Abu Dhabi
Abū Ȥaby
United Arab Emirates

(Please use the contact form on our website.)
+971 2 656 5656

Water Sports

  • Wakeboard
  • Waterski
  • Wakesurf
  • Wakeskate
  • Kneeboard
  • Tricks
  • Jump


  • Rails/Kickers/Ramps/Boxes


The Al Forsan International Sports Resort has 3 cable systems on two freshwater cable lakes. There are 2 full size systems, one clockwise and one counterclockwise, along with a two-tower unit for easy learning. There is also a wide variety of kickers and sliders on their cable lakes (some of the most challenging features anywhere in the world), one of the reasons why the world championships are held here year after year. Their full size cable systems can accommodate multiple riders at a time (13 per minute), providing participants more action and less waiting time. Al Forsan also has a great selection of wakeboards, wake skates, waterskis and kneeboards, along with life vests and helmets. For something to do when you're not on the water, Al Forsan boasts a wide array of sporting activities, including state-of-the-art equestrian, shooting, go-karting, paintball and fitness venues.

Additional details

Boat(s) in Use:
Available Gear:
Wakeboards, Wakeskate, Waterski, Kneeboards, Life-vests and Helmets
Hours of Operation:
Reservations Required:
Water Located On:
Private Lakes
Water Temperature:
Other Watercraft Traffic:
Additional on-site activities, accommodations:
Al Forsan International Sports Resort

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