Lakeside Watersports

Lakeside Watersports

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16 Forty Acre Mountain Road
United States

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Alt. Phone:
203 744 9884

Water Sports

  • Wakeboard
  • Waterski
  • Wakeskate
  • Wakesurf
  • Kneeboard
  • Tricks


Located at Pocono Point Marina, Lakeside Watersports offers personal or group watersport instruction, including in wakeboarding, waterskiing, etc. The instructors are willing to get into the water with the rider to ensure proper form. For experienced riders looking for calm water, morning sessions are best starting at 7:00 a.m. We occasionally partner with Candlewood Stand Up Paddleboard to provide half-day watersports camps for kids from ages 9-15.

Additional details

Boat(s) in Use:
2013 Malibu VTX
Available Gear:
Hyperlite Wakeboards, OBrien Skis, OBrien Wakesurf, OBrien Wakeskate, Hydroslide Kneeboard, OBrien Tubes
Hours of Operation:
June-September; Mon-Sun 7am-8pm
Reservations Required:
Water Located On:
Candlewood Lake
Water Temperature:
75-85 F Summer
Other Watercraft Traffic:
Busy midday on weekends, Little traffic on weekdays
Additional on-site activities, accommodations:
Bathrooms/Changing Rooms & Parking

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