Divorce Lake Waterski Club

Divorce Lake Waterski Club

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Unnamed Road
West Point
GA 31833
(Mailing address: c/o Bob Wilkinson, 403 Briarcliff Road, West Point, GA 31833)

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Divorce Lake Waterski Club Guidelines: 1) All members will be required to pay annual dues, sign liability waivers, acknowledge they will comply with all written rules by signing this document, as well as provide the Board with proof of active membership with USA Water Ski. Dues must be paid and the above mentioned documents must be signed and returned to the Board prior to any activity taking place on Divorce Lake by individual club members and their immediate family members. Board members are exempt from paying annual dues, but must comply with all rules. 2) Annual memberships must be paid by the date specified by the Board. Membership due dates will be announced as early as possible. If payment is not received in full by the due date, the President maintains the right to increase your annual membership fee or give your reserved membership slot to a prospective member on the club’s waiting list. 3) Annual dues will pay for one ski “turn” and will also include a family membership allowing any spouse or immediate family member to ski at Divorce Lake. Although annual dues allow family members access to the lake, the annual membership fee only pays for one “turn” in the skiing order or rotation. Example: If skier A, skier B, skier C are at the lake with skier D who has a family member with him, the rotation will be as follows. Skier A skis, skier B skis, skier C skis, skier D skis (1st rotation complete). Skier A skis, skier B skis, skier C skis, family member of skier D skis (2nd rotation complete). Skier A, B, and C may agree to allow skier D and his family member to enter the normal rotation (A, B, C, D, family member, A, B, C, D, family member). In order to make this type of change to the rotation rules, it must be agreed upon by all skiers present. 4)Access to Divorce Lake will be unlimited. A key to the entrance gate will be provided to each member. This key shall not be duplicated unless the copy is for an immediate family member. No keys shall be given to any non-club member or guest to borrow or use to open the gate before a member arrives at Divorce Lake. A lost key fee will be imposed if a member’s key is lost or misplaced. DO NOT lock the gate while activity is taking place on Divorce Lake in order to allow emergency vehicles access if an accident occurs. 5) Divorce Lake is a tournament waterski lake. For any function or activity other than traditional three event skiing, barefoot water skiing, wakeboarding, and beginner skiing, prior approval from the Board must be obtained. Any unapproved function that takes place other than above listed activities may constitute losing your membership and forfeiting you membership dues at the discretion of the Board. Tubing is an open water activity and will not be permitted on Divorce Lake. 6) Boat Driving: Boat drivers must be deemed competent by two or more members of the Board before pulling any skier. When returning to a fallen skier,please keep wakes to a minimum. This is done by stopping the boat before turning around. If a slalom buoy is dislodged, it must immediately be reinstalled. Drivers must at all times be aware of the skier and the rope. The driver is also responsible for the safety of all passengers. Please keep number of passengers to a minimum, as this creates a larger wake which is detrimental to the shoreline. Fewer passengers is also safer. 7) If other skiers are waiting for a turn in the rotation, skiers will clear the course after 6 passes in the slalom course, 4 jumps, or 4 trick passes, or 4 wakeboard passes. Any attempt at the entrance gates or a fall mid course counts as one pass during slalom skiing. If one or more boats are waiting to enter the course, each boat will rotate into the running order to save time. Example: Boat 1 has skier A and skier B. Boat 2 has skier C and D. The rotation will be Boat 1 skier A, Boat 2 skier C, Boat 1 skier B, Boat 2 skier D. If agreed upon by all skiers in each boat, rotations may be adjusted. 8) Guest skiers are allowed, but will be accompanied by a host member at all times and must always sign release waivers PRIOR to any activity on Divorce Lake. Waivers are NOT good for the entire year and must be signed each and every time a guest participates in any activities on Divorce Lake. Due to liability issues, if a guest does not sign a waiver PRIOR to lake activities, the host member may forfeit his/her membership and annual membership fee at the discretion of the Board, NO EXCEPTIONS. A guest will not have an individual ski “turn” in the rotation, but may use the host member’s ski turn as in the family member example in paragraph 3. Members should not be put in the position of sympathizing for a guest’s ski time. Placing a guest in the rotation first instead of the host member skiing first can eliminate a grate deal of awkwardness that may arise when ski guests are present. If it becomes apparent to the Board that members are bringing the same guest to the club on a regular basis and the Board determines the guest more resembles a “ski partner” and not a guest, the guest should be asked to join the club as a full paying

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