Nghunghwa Lodge

Nghunghwa Lodge

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+258 82 088 1168
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+258 84 134 2566

Water Sports

  • Waterski
  • Wakeboard


Whether water or land activities attract your attention, your days will be filled with excitement at Nghunghwa Lodge. 4×4 and quad trails criss-cross the area, and the lagoon and sea offer great fishing and water sport activities. On the southern side of the lagoon mouth lies Turtle Bay, where the leather back turtles breed (the largest turtle species of all). Tropical fish can be seen at the reefs when diving or snorkeling. The area is well known for good game fishing, including sail fish. We offer waterskiing, water tube rides and wave boarding, or board a boat to head into town, the lagoon mouth or enjoy a stunning booze cruise. For the kids, we have a small artificial lagoon where they can kayak in safety. There is a fresh water swimming pool and a 700 kilolitre salt water pool.

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Ujembe Lagoon
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