Thy Cablepark

  • Cable Wake Parks


7700 Thisted 7700 Thisted
Northern Jutland

Alt. Email:
(You may also use the contact form on the website.)
+45 31 31 09 02

Water Sports

  • Wakeboard
  • Waterski
  • Wakeskate
  • Kneeboard
  • Tricks
  • Jump
  • SUP


  • Rails/Kickers/Ramps/Boxes, Jump Ramp


Thy Cablepark is a cable park built in "synopal-havnen" in Thisted, Denmark.

You can come by and try being pulled by the cable clockwise 6 tower system. It is like waterskiing after a boat, except that it is easier and much more fun in a cable park.

Thy Cablepark is for everyone. We have a big terrace, a jetty, and all the equipment you need. There is space for everyone, something for every taste. This is for children, young people and families, as well as adults and older people.

We held the European championships in 2022!

Take a look around, watch some videos and stop by and try it out with some friends or family. We are looking forward to seeing you.

  • Thy Cableparks obstacles:
    • Pool, 2600x450x150
    • Tube, 1200x90x90
    • Thy Custom, 2540x250x115cm (UNIT)
    • Small Kicker, 370x200x80cm (UNIT)
    • Medium Kicker, 420x200x105cm (UNIT) – Højre
    • Medium Kicker, 420x200x105cm (UNIT) – Venstre
    • Ollie-box, 1200x200x60cm (UNIT)
    • En Ollie barrier, 200x70x85cm (UNIT)
    • Pole jam, 270x250x130cm (UNIT)
    • Grom Rainbow, 1100x100x50cm (UNIT)
    • ROOFTOP FUNBOX RAIL, 2400x240x160cm (UNIT)
    • ANDY KOLB ONE, 1100x240x120cm (UNIT)
    • Tom Fooshee Kicker, 500x400x140 (UNIT)
    • CUSTOM Worth, 2100x540x200 (UNIT)

Additional details

Boat(s) in Use:
Available Gear:
Yes, all that you need.
Hours of Operation:
Seasonal- See website for hours.
Reservations Required:
Water Located On:
Cold Hawaii Inland
Water Temperature:
18 C
Other Watercraft Traffic:
Additional on-site activities, accommodations:
Clubhouse, kitchen, shower, café, winter bathing, and much more!

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