Wake Park Naklo

Wake Park Naklo

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Let us introduce a unique place, Náklo Wake Park, which boasts crystal clear water and is located just 15 minutes from Olomouc. At Wake Park Náklo we built a lift designed for enthusiasts of cable wakeboarding and water skiing. Our water lift System 2.0 from the Czech manufacturer Wakemaster is ideal for complete  beginners, but also seasoned riders who want to improve in performing heavy tricks. This lift is two-column. A significant difference compared to large lifts is the adjustable speed (the lift can accelerate and decelerate) and the fact that only you ride the lift. The lift operator is always in control of you and in case of a fall he will stop and start you again at the same place. You don't have to swim ashore again and go to the queue again like the big lifts. The basics of these amazing water sports, whether it's wakeboarding, water skiing or wakeskating, you can  learn at your own pace very quickly. Even the pros will get their money's worth. Thanks to the shorter rope, AIR tricks are much better handled here. You can improve your riding or hone your new jumps. In our Wake bar we offer homemade lemonade, plenty of alcohol, soft drinks and cocktails. Light refreshments such as pizza straight from the oven, and other goodies from our smiling staff. We believe that a visit to Wake Park Náklo will impress you with the best experience. We look forward to welcoming you.

Additional details

Boat(s) in Use:
Available Gear:
Zezula Sport Brno wakeboards
Hours of Operation:
Reservations Required:
Water Located On:
Kobylnik Lake
Water Temperature:
Other Watercraft Traffic:
Additional on-site activities, accommodations:
SUP rentals, chillout zone - beaches, wake bar/snacks

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