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WAKE & FUN Třeboutice in Litomeric, Czech Republic, is a place where you can try a lot of sports activities and enjoy the water. Our main focus is wakeboarding, wakesurfing, wakeskating and water skiing. There will always be an experienced instructor who can advise you and show you how to do it! The Aral is also a snack bar, so that hunger or thirst will not be an issue. Come and enjoy: wakeboard, waterski, wakeskate, kneeboard, inflatable ring, wakesurfing, surfskate (carver), kayak, dragon boat, freeline trampoline.

Additional details

Boat(s) in Use:
Mastercrfaft X10
Available Gear:
Free rental: Wakeboard, water ski, vest, or even neoprene
Hours of Operation:
Mon - Sun 8.00 - 22.00
Reservations Required:
Water Located On:
Elba River
Water Temperature:
Other Watercraft Traffic:
Additional on-site activities, accommodations:

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