Wasserskiclub Bremerhaven

Wasserskiclub Bremerhaven

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Water Sports

  • Wakeboard
  • Waterski
  • Tricks
  • Jump


  • Slalom Course, Jump Ramp


At Wasserskiclub Bremerhaven we offer waterski and wakeboarding experiences in Syke, Germany. With wakeboarding, a real luxury is that you will picked up from the boat after each fall again. So you can practice all day long, assuming your driver has good nerves. Since motorboats are now operated by gasoline, wakeboarding is slightly more expensive than cable boarding because of high fuel prices. But don't be deterred by the prices. Wakeboarding behind the boat has a special fascination definitely. For our waterskiers, we have an official slalom course. Guests welcome.

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Lune River
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