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Welcome to the official site of the San Diego Water Ski Team (aka SDWST). The SDWST is an affiliate member of USA Water Ski, the largest and most active waterski federation in the world.

The purpose of this organization is to bring together the citizens of San Diego County who have a common interest in the sport of waterskiing. The club’s objectives are to foster participation, competition, entertainment and education in various aspects of competitive and recreational water skiing in Mission Bay, the largest man-made aquatic park in the country. Our cove, Hidden Anchorage, is located on the south end of Fiesta Island and can be accessed via Fiesta Island Road off of Sea World Drive.

Members of SDWST have access to the slalom course year round. Permits are required to use the site are available through the San Diego Lifeguard Headquarters located at 2581 Quivira Court. Permits are free; however, you must be a member of an approved club by the City of San Diego, such as the SDWST.

We hold numerous events throughout the year, including our long-running Grand Prix slalom series, typically spanning from April through November. November. Skiers are handicapped based on their best scores. At each of the tournaments, points are awarded for how well a skier performs relative to their own abilities. The first place skier is the one who surpasses his or her average by the most buoys, Grand Prix points are awarded based on placement, 100 pts for 1st, 95 pts for 2nd, etc.  This format favors consistent participation and steady improvement. Tournaments are for members and non-members. We also host getaway trips to some of the private desert lakes, and more.

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