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This is a official state-wide comp- Australia Our first round will be held on the Hawkesbury River, Governor Phillip Park, Windsor, Saturday 24th September, starting at 7.30 am. ... To participate in Wakeboard NSW competition events all riders must be members of the Australian Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (AWWF). Membership information relating to the Australian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (AWWF) is available on their website http://awwf.com.au/ You can join as a Come n' Try or introductory member for your first round to see if you like it before committing to full membership. The Divisions: Level 1- Rookie (single wake jumps) Level 2- Straight Air under 16’s and over 16’s (wake to wake grabs and 180’s) Level 3- Inverter (up to 2 advanced tricks- inverts/spins/raley) Level 4- Advanced (unlimited inverts and spins up to 540’s) Level 5- Mobe Club (up to 3 mobes and spins up to 540’s) Level 6- Professional (unlimited) These divisions are skill / competency based and allow riders of similar ability to ride against each other, regardless of age or experience. Wakeboard NSW look forward to seeing you out on the water, also looking forward to seeing new faces and riders wanting to participate in our 2011/12 comps. Most importantly, remember that wakeboarding is all about having a good time, enjoying the ride and the waterway.

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