Dargle Water Ski Park

Dargle Water Ski Park

  • Water Sport Resorts


312 River Road
Lower Portland
New South Wales

+61 2 4579 1291

Water Sports

  • Wakeboard
  • Waterski


Dargle Water ski park is also Australia's best boat race venue & our turf & soil business. As you may be aware The Hawkesbury is a big water skiing and wake boarding area, and as such there are many ski parks dotted along the Hawkesbury River where you can launch your boat and off you go. Situated only 1 hour from Pennant Hills on the Hawkesbury, this camp is unique in that while public, it limits the number of boats operating from their beaches. While each campsite may allow several family sized tents, they can only have 1 boat in the water per site which reduces the crowds and maintains greater safety for waterskiers. It is situated on a straight stretch of the river with right angle bends at either end meaning there is always some flat water nearby regardless of wind direction.

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Hawkesbury River
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